Elites to auction jerseys

The 26 Angels Foundation will be auctioning 23 jerseys worn by B.A.S.S. Elite Series anglers to benefit the foundation and those it serves.

The Elite Series anglers wore these jerseys at the first 2013 B.A.S.S. Elite Series tournament, held on the Sabine River in Texas.

Most of the jerseys worn in that tournament had green in them. These autographed green jerseys were the idea of Elite Series pro Tim Horton.

Horton wanted to honor those who were killed at The Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Conn., on December 14, 2012. The Sandy Hook School colors were green and white.

The jerseys will be auctioned in groups on eBay from June 9th through July 6th, with a different group of jerseys open for bidding each week. The auction schedule is as follows:

Week 1 (6/9/13-6/15/13) Brent Chapman, Brian Snowden, John Murray, Gary Klein, Ott Defoe and Kevin LeDoux

Week 2 (6/16/13-6/22/13) Kevin Van Dam, J. Todd Tucker, Randy Howell, Chad Pipkens, Bernie Shultz, and Shaw Grigsby

Week 3 (6/23/13-6/29/13) Kevin Hawk, Todd Faircloth, Mike Iaconelli, Nate Wellman, Russ Lane and Terry Scroggins

Week 4 (6/30/13-7/6/13) Tim Horton, Dennis Tietje, Gerald Swindle, Matt Herren and Marty Robinson

To find the jerseys on eBay, search the keywords  "Autographed B.A.S.S. Elite Green Jerseys For Sandy Hook 26 Angels." Each auction will last a week, beginning on Sunday and ending on the following Saturday night. The 26 Angels Foundation would like to thank the anglers and the bidders/donors for their support of the foundation.

About the 26 Angels Foundation:

For many people December 14, 2012, was just another day. Adults went to work, children went to school and others went on with their everyday lives. That was so in Newtown, Connecticut, until a senseless event changed the lives of many forever. From the loss of lives that day, many believe that 26 new angels were created. Since that tragic day, the Newtown community has begun to heal with the support of its residents, families, friends and strangers.
A survivor of the Newtown tragedy, Natalie Hammond, was the lead teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Natalie and her husband, Jerry, decided that they wanted to help the community that they both cared for greatly.
The 26 Angels Foundation, Inc. was their dream. The foundation was established with the help of fishermen and businessmen whose goal is to help bring healing to the Newtown community. The 26 Angels Foundation, Inc. will identify specific individuals, groups and causes within the Newtown community and offer assistance through the foundation’s fundraising efforts. The hope of the foundation is to provide peace of mind and support to all the children, adults, and families as a whole who make up the community of Newtown.

Information about the 26 Angels Foundation and how to donate using PayPal can be found on their website, www.26angelsfoundation.org. Any other donations can be mailed to:

26 Angels Foundation
P. O. Box 35
North Haven, CT 06473