Elite pros pick three

BULL SHOALS, Ark. – As we move further into the season, it’s time to either stay consistent or start making a move up the standings. Here is what the Elite Series anglers had to say and who they see being a strong candidate for the 2012 Trokar Quest on Bull Shoals Lake.

Here is how they picked:

Brandon Palaniuk

  • Kevin VanDam: “I think he’s going to catch them this week.”
  • Brandon Palaniuk: “You have to believe you’re going to catch them too.”
  • Casey Scanlon: “He has fished the Ozark stuff quite a bit.”

Chris Zaldain

  • Kevin VanDam: “When the wind blows, they eat a crankbait.”
  • Brian Snowden: “He has some local history on the lake.”
  • Aaron Martens: “He’s good on deep rock lakes.”

Keith Poche

  • Keith Poche: “Confidence is everything.”
  • Steve Kennedy: “He can figure out clear water really well.”
  • Aaron Martens: “He always catches them and I think he’ll be in the mix.”

Brian Snowden

  • Aaron Martens: “It’s his type of tournament.”
  • Kevin VanDam: “It could be a cranking pattern that develops.”
  • Jami Fralick: “This is a great time of the year for junk fishing.”

Cliff Crochet

  • Cliff Crochet: “Never bet against yourself.”
  • Mike McClelland: “It’s in Ozark country and he should do pretty good here.”
  • Aaron Martens: “He’s not happy with his performance recently and it could be a light line type of tournament.”

Kevin Short

  • Kevin Short: “Me, myself and I.”
  • Mike McClelland: “Because he’s been on this lake a lot.”
  • Brent Chapman: “He’s not far from here and cut his teeth fishing on these lakes.”

Ish Monroe

  • John Murray: “ He’s one of the best with a jig.”
  • John Crews: “He’s just one of the best at everything.”
  • Mike Iaconelli: “Ike can catch them about every which way.”

There doesn’t seem to be any consistency in the overall picks among the pros. This event looks to be anybody’s game as always, but someone has to come out on top. Set your lineup and stay tuned to Bassmaster.com as Bull Shoals Lake begins to unfold.

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