Diner treats club’s championship contenders

DENTON, N.C. — Breakfast was on the house for the Archdale Bass Club members before their club classic, Nov. 2, at Baden Lake.

Every year since 2004, the club has met for breakfast on a certain date in November at Rick’s Diner to draw a lake name from a hat that determines where the club will be holding its classic that day. Club member Bill Frazier noted the club has used the draw system to determine its classic lake for 15 years of the club’s 18-year history.

The diner sits within a 50-mile driving distance of four lakes on the Yadkin River system, so the club includes High Rock, Tuckertown, Badin and Tillery lakes in the drawing each year. 

In appreciation of their business every year, the restaurant owner offered to buy breakfast this year for the 14 classic qualifiers and any other club members who showed up the morning of the championship. Frazier estimated the meals cost around $15 each, so the bill was in the $200 to $300 range.

The club’s classic features a starting process the members call “git-and-go.” The contenders can head for the classic site whenever they want after a waitress from the diner draws the name of the lake.

Brian Sorrell won this year’s club classic with a five-fish limit weighing 10.71 pounds. 

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