Day Two Quotes from Oneida Lake

“This lake has beat me like a red-headed step-child this week.” – Pete Ponds

“Yesterday was the first day I was out of the top 50, and I didn’t like it … didn’t like it at all.” Ott Defoe

“If I told you about my day, I’d be up here all night whining.” – Keith Combs

“I don’t like catching them smallmouth very well, but I liked it OK this time.” – Tommy Biffle after moving to 4th place in the standings after Day Two.

“Nope, we still have at least another day.” – Brent Chapman after being asked if he had thought about becoming the 2012 Bassmaster Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year.

“It’s gonna bump me out of the Classic, but I’m glad it’s over.” – Steve Kennedy after finishing in 86th place on Oneida Lake.