Day Two quotes

“You just have to go and pray, and catch some big ones.”

– Tournament leader Brent Chapman on the making the hazardous run to his fish.

“An eight-hour day seems like a long time, but it’s not when you’re confused.”

– Mike Iaconelli

“I can’t stand having a bad event. This river just bit me.”

– Cliff Pace

“Sometimes when you take the road less traveled, you get lost.”

 – Rick Clunn

“If something looks good I throw at it. If it doesn't work, I go somewhere else.”

– Hank Cherry

“It looks like one big 79-mile game of leap frog out there.”

– Gerald Swindle

“With 50 less boats out there tomorrow the weights should go up.”

– Kevin VanDam

“I knew there was gonna be some speed bumps this year.”

– Elite Series rookie Josh Bertrand