Day Two quotes

“The only thing that didn’t perform is me.”

– Shaw Grigsby

“Pretty place, but very confusing to me.”

– Greg Hackney

“You have to grind it out and keep your head straight in conditions like this.”

– Rick Clunn

"When the tournament started I thought I had a good chance of not catching a fish.”

– Pete Ponds

“This lake…every time you launch your boat here it’s a different place.”

– Cliff Pace

“I fished by the seat of my pants today.”

– Skeet Reese

“When you have those 12-inch spots in the live well and can’t get rid of them, it kills you out there.”

– Clark Reehm

“I don’t know how I caught that fish. I guess he just decided to give up.”

– David Walker after weighing only one fish on Day Two

“I get to sleep in tomorrow and I don’t like it.”

– Jason Christie after missing the cut to fish on Saturday

“I don’t think a shock boat could catch a limit of fish where I was today.”

– Dennis Tietje