Day Two Quotes

“I left two out there that would have put me over 40 pounds.”

– Chris Lane

“Everybody walking up here has a big bag.”

– David Walker

“I’m taking a lesson from this one.”

– Elite Series rookie James Elam

“I couldn’t wait to go fishing today, and can’t wait to go fishing tomorrow.”

– Kelly Jordon

“That thing should come out with a saddle.”

– B.A.S.S. emcee Dave Mercer after viewing Cliff Pirch’s 9-pound bass

“There’s a whole lot bigger ones out there to catch.”

– Greg Hackney after weighing a 9-11 bass

“You don’t really set the hook, they just start pulling. Next thing you know ... you’re wrestling with them.”

– Jamie Horton

“If they’re there I can hurt them tomorrow ... but you know how these fish are.”

– Rick Clunn.

“This is the best bass fishing lake in the world, but I’ve had the worst luck out there. I’m going turkey hunting, bye.”

– Mark Davis

“All of a sudden you jack into one of them big ones, and the tree starts shaking.”

– Bobby Lane

“If you don’t have good equipment here they will smoke your britches.”

– Randy Howell