Day Three quotes

"I'd like to thank my roommate, Brandon Palaniuk, for inviting me to his area."

- Chris Zaldain, on the spot where he caught a 4-6 smallmouth Saturday.

"Any place we go where when you leave your boat absolutely reeks of bass, that's a good place."

- Kevin Short, about his numerous fish catches this week

"It can't happen two years in a row."

- Aaron Martens, on the massive annual mayfly hatch that ruined him on Day Four here last year

"What's weird about it is that I probably caught more fish today than the first two days combined. I just never got a big one."

- Todd Faircloth

"I caught that big smallmouth in about two feet of water. It was a shock."

- Edwin Evers

"I'm fishing so shallow, you could take this microphone here and half of it would be sticking out of the water."

- Cliff Pace

"It's so much fun anytime you can get out there and bust out your box of frogs."

- Fred Roumbanis

"I think I've got a real good chance. I've got a spot I've saved. I go by there every once in awhile and catch one or two. I think it's loaded."

- Tommy Biffle

"You're incredibly strong for an older gentleman. My question is, when is the last time you showered?"

- Elite Series emcee Dave Mercer, after Tommy Biffle put him in a headlock for insisting that Biffle promised to sing on Sunday

"Holy smokes. Look at the crowd."

- Grant Goldbeck, on another huge weigh-in gathering in La Crosse.

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