Day Three: Quotable

“Any time you can go flipping and catch redfish, flounder and bass, it’s a good day.”

– Bill Lowen

“I pulled up into my spot today and I’m not lying … banjos were playing. If I’m lying I’m dying.”

– Brandon Card after saying on stage yesterday, “I’m so far back in this one spot by myself, it feels like ‘Deliverance.’

“Up until now, I have I driven 911 miles since the last day of practice ... in a boat.”

– Mike McClelland

“You know people love bass fishing when they move out of their own house and let you stay there.”

– Gerald Swindle

“I know where a whole bunch of them are, I swung and missed seven or eight times today.”

– Terry Scroggins

“I missed every fish in there about four times.”

– Jeff Kriet

“This is my 100th tournament with B.A.S.S.”

– Fred Roumbanis

“This is the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen on a Saturday.”

– Casey Ashley