Day One quotes from Citrus Slam

PALATKA, Fla. -- Some of the notable things overheard from the stage during the Day One weigh-in of the Power-Pole Citrus Slam.

"I hit something underwater and sheared my entire lower unit off, then did a couple 360s."

-- Chris Lane

"I used 51 gallons of gas today, running, running and running."

-- Terry Scroggins

"Maybe tomorrow I catch big bag for Japan."

-- Japanese angler Morizo Shimizu

"A big fish goes a long way, I'm past due."

-- Mark Davis

"I ran 2 hours today and found nothing I had marked in practice. I marked nothing but 6 to 10-pounders, and haven't seen a female all day."

-- Grant Goldbeck

"I drove 30 miles and never saw a boat today, so I know I was in the wrong place."

-- Jeff Conella

"I generally don't do well in Florida, so you got to give me points for consistency."

-- Boyd Duckett

"I drove 20 miles to get to one fish and there was already a boat on it. I then drove 30 miles to get to another fish and somebody was on that one. After that I went a little bit crazy, it really got in my head."

-- Britt Myers

"I used to know Florida, now I guess it's a different state."

-- Bernie Schultz

"I'm not near as good as some of these guys when it comes to sight-fishing, but I love doing it."

-- Kevin VanDam

"I was hoping I wouldn't get eaten by an alligator."

-- Dave Wolak while talking about falling out of his boat on Day One. 

"I kinda panicked today and started jacking them 12-inchers."

-- Andy Montgomery