Davis and family rescue six dogs


Courtesy of Mark Davis

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Mark Davis and his 14-year-old twin sons, Hunter and Fisher, found a female mixed breed dog that was fighting hard for her life.

The dog was living inside an old garbage dump near the South Texas ranch where the Davis family always spends the holidays. She was already down to skin and bones – and to make matters worse, she had a litter of five puppies.

“She was the doing the best she could to nurse those pups and keep them going, but she was in bad shape,” Davis said. “She was eating off an old hog carcass that somebody had left at that dump. It was just awful.”

Ultimately, it was more than the Davises could stand.

At Hunter’s urging – because Mark said he’s the biggest animal lover in a family filled with them – the Davises retrieved the dogs from the dump. And from there, all six canines must have felt like they won the recent Powerball lottery.