Daily limit: Strike up the band

First Cast

Some of the Bassmaster LIVE viewers really got in the swing of things during the Evan Williams Bourbon Bassmaster Elite at St. Lawrence River.

With Edwin Evers leading on the final day, we searched for juicy tidbits on the Oklahoma pro and discovered there is a popular cover band in the Netherlands and Belgium by the same name.

The Edwin Evers Band plays hits from 70s, 80s and 90s. They had a number of YouTube videos posted, and their cover of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” was chosen to play on LIVE at just about every fish catch.

That cracked up hosts Tommy Sanders and Mark Zona and some fans, but others in the chat room were irked with the tune, and that even made it funnier when Zona had it cued up just for them.

As that band and song took a life of its own on LIVE, Evers was catching his limit to become the first back-to-back Elite winner, and he joined some elite company in the double-digit win club.

Viewer Steve R. won the MVP (Male Viewer Photoshopper) award for his work on the band’s photo.

First Steve replaced a member with an image of Edwin Evers (At first glance it was hard to tell there was much of a difference). Then he replaced another band member with a photo of Zona. (He must have found it long, long ago, and far, far away.) To top it off, he added a Bob Costas lookalike photo of Tommy Sanders. Here it is.

Zona ended St. Lawrence LIVE by saying he really enjoyed the event as feedback from fans was the best ever. He and Sanders had fun responding to a variety of comments and questions from viewers.

Now it’s my turn to call for some nuggets. I’m been commissioned to come up with trivia questions for Zona and Sanders as well as other features like over/under. It’s nice that viewers play along as well, but how would you like to contribute to the show?

Researching the waterway and the area are done before the event for Friday’s show, but the Top 12 is taking shape on Saturday and some inside stuff on those anglers would be greatly appreciated. Deep stuff. Real nuggets, like the one on Bernie Schultz.

With Schultz in the mix at Waddington, I found an e-book article detailing how he was in the fishing hall of shame. We made it a trivia question, but let me tell the rest of the story of how he found a new way to lose an 8-pounder.

In 1980, Schultz had just purchased a boat with a powerful 115 hp engine. He and three others went out on Rodman Reservoir in two boats. Schultz was dead set on sight fishing a big’un. After trying awhile, his partner got on the other boat and those three headed for more fruitful water.

Schultz eventually did catch an 8-pounder, and then was racing to show his pals. Not accustomed to running his new rig fast, he said he was taking a 120-degree turn around a channel bend and  knew he’d go into the trees if he didn’t shut it down. When he did, his boat rolled.

While underneath the boat, Schultz reported he watched his tackle sink to the bottom, then the real horror. The livewell lid popped open and out swam his prize. He went up for air, sat on the hull and yelled for his friends. When they came and saw him, they simply laughed, providing Schultz with his most embarrassing moment.

We’re looking for stuff like that, only shorter. Someone suggested we get their wives to dish dirt – that their guy won’t touch broccoli, sleeps in Spongebob pajamas, holds an odd superstition, etc.

Getting photos of the Elites as kids would be great, too. They played well earlier in a limited run. We just want the inside factoids that show their humanity, but we really can’t use the super obscure, Cliff Claven type stuff: “Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?”

We’ll only be able to use verifiable, interesting, deep-fried nuggets, so try to send some proof. And of course we’ll credit the sender. Email me at [email protected]

Two in the well

Russ Lane had similar incident to Mark Menendez at St. Lawrence. Menendez was harassed by a homeowner who claimed the fish under his dock was his. The man proceeded to scream at him and drive his boat in circles around the Elite angler.

On Day 2, Lane said a man, probably not the same guy, swore at him and drove circles around his boat. Guess things like this happen everywhere, but you would think folks would show a bit more respect to their fellow angler, especially someone in a wrapped boat and tournament jerseys. See more details on Lane’s incident here.

Gerald Swindle and Dave Mercer get competitive with carp. (Steve Bowman photo)

Three’s company

What to do after Waddington? Fish? Yeah. Some Elites hung around and did that, possibly to get a better feel for the bass in the St. Lawrence.

Dave Mercer stayed to get some work in, but he didn’t bass fish. No, Mercer booked Gerald Swindle to shoot a “Facts of Fishing Show” that focused on the huge carp in the river.

Monday, in Whittaker Park where the Elites weighed in, those two fished from the bank in what turned into a heated competition.

 “We shot the most epic carp show of all time today,” Mercer said.  “It was the Carp Master Classic. We Caught 20 fish and I ended up swimming out 150 feet into the St. Lawrence River to land a 30-pounder.”

And with G-Man raving and rolling, it should be some must-see TV.

Say hello to Carp-Zilla, one of the many bugle-mouthed beasts G-Man and Mercer caught. (Courtesy Dave Mercer)

Four on the floor

It appears Yusuke Miyazaki will miss the remainder of the Elite Series season. After suffering high temperatures off and on during the first five events, Miyazaki returned to Japan, saw a doctor and was hospitalized.

He sent B.A.S.S. a note from his doctor that due to mycoplasma pneumonia and other ailments, he was admitted for 10 days through July 24 and was required to remain home the next 30 days for observation.

Also, Jared Miller will miss the rest of the Elite season. He was planning to fish the St. Lawrence event but underwent an appendectomy July 25. He’s recovering but is under doctor’s care not to do anything strenuous.

That’s a limit

Do Edwin Evers’ hugs have some sort of healing power? Maybe. Anyone showing passion, crying alongside those grieving, sharing their pain, would be of help. Sometimes words aren’t needed. Just being there is enough.

What happened in New York to a military family is heart-wrenching, and what Evers did for them displays his compassion. Kelly Bostian of the Tulsa World tells the story.


Matt Lee doesn't quite measure up to Justin Lucas' tackle boxes.

  • Here’s a gratuitous stack of tackle boxes, rising higher than Elite angler Matt Lee. Lee was hanging with Justin Lucas, who was switching out from his smallmouth stuff for the St. Lawrence to prep for the Huk Performance Fishing Bassmaster Elite at Chesapeake Bay.
  • A commenter to Lucas’ post noted that he’ll probably only really need two lures out of all those boxes. Lucas agreed in his reply, saying, “Probably, but I’m not sure which two yet.”
  • Kevin Short has been a familiar face on the Elite Series since it began. During his time with B.A.S.S., he’s won five events, including two Elites, wrote a number of thought-provoking columns and provided an intellectual voice to bass fishing. Don Barone writes how K-Pink will fish only two more events in “I’m done.”
  • Before the Northern Open on Oneida Lake, Scott Siller had a photo and an odd Facebook post. “Whoever lost their prop and part of the lower unit on Onieda Lake, I found it in 1 foot of water near some big boulders. Hit me up and I'll get it back to you.” That angler was Rick Nitkiewicz.
  • The comment of the hour on Nitkiewicz’s missing lower unit came from Jane Reimer. “Why didn't he notice ...This seems like it's important. Typical male (wink emoticon).” Oh, Nitkiewicz did notice, and met with Siller to at least salvage the prop.
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