Daily Limit: Kicker start for Evers

Bass tournaments on the St. Johns are almost always about the big fish.

Classic champ Edwin Evers was laughing about his lunker on Day 1 of the Bassmaster Elite at St. Johns River presented by Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels.

“I had a 9-13,” he told fans in a Facebook video. “That thing helps a bunch when you don’t have much else to go with it. But I’ll take it. It was an exciting bite, exciting fish to finally get in the boat.”

Evers, who 10 days ago brought in 29 pounds, 3 ounces to win the Grand Lake Classic, hasn’t let off the gas. He started the Elite season with a bag of 20-5, good for 12th place and is just 3-8 back of leader Brandon Lester. Like Elite mate Jason Christie said last week, somebody might have awoke the sleeping grizzly in Evers.

While Evers said he lost a few good fish on Thursday, he was upbeat because he knows where to go try to get them Friday. And it was pretty neat he still gets so ramped up after catching a 10-pound class bass -- it was only 3 ounces short.

“It was a fun fish,” he said. “It’s big.”

Admittedly, Evers’ other four fish weren’t anything to write home about -- he won’t have to as wife, Tuesday, and son, Kade, were doing Disney and will join him shortly. He'll tell them all about it.

The dynamics of kicker fish on St. Johns is approached in Steve Wright's article “Four rats and a fatty.” While Evers is inside both cuts with that, Aaron Martens’ smaller rats and fatty has him 60th, outside cashing here.

The forecast of more rain will make sight fishing even more difficult, said Evers, who won the 2011 Elite event here with 77-1. Alton Jones won the next year with 75-9, and in 2014 Chris Lane, behind a huge 37-9 Day 2 bag, ran away with 90-13.


Evers was just making the best out of a difficult situation when he went all James Bond years and years ago.

“I’m in the Opens and I’m in the Top 5. It was the final event of the year, and it’s real dark and wavy,” Evers said as he set the scene on Sam Rayburn some 15 years ago. It was still pretty dark the morning he headed with a co-angler to the launch site.

He described the clay hump sticking out of the lake a couple of feet high and maybe 30 feet across -- “there’s a thousand people hit it,” he said.

He was next.

“Luckily the wind was really blowing,” said Evers, but that's in part why he couldn't see until it was too close to avoid. “I’m in big wave and there it is, so I just hammer down. We had to get. We got on the downhill side.”

Before his boat grinded to a halt on the hump.

“Had to get out and push the rest of the way,” he said. “I made the Top 10. I made the Classic.”