Daily Limit: Don't touch that snake!

 “If you touch this snake, your son will win.” That was Bassmaster emcee Dave Mercer’s ruse to get Britt Myers’ mother to hold a harmless local species.

Bad Mercer, bad. Trying to trick a white-haired grandmother.

Oh, but Renee displayed so much sweet goodness. Before Mercer went serpent during a segment on Bassmaster LIVE, he asked her to assess the possibility of her son’s first victory, which did come later Sunday afternoon in the Huk Performance Fishing Bassmaster Elite at Winyah Bay presented by GoRVing.

“It would mean everything to him,” she said, going full mom mode. “Whether he wins or loses, he’s always a winner in my eyes.”

Awwww. That’s what moms are for, Mercer admitted. That's when he spoke with forked tongue, telling Renee the last winner’s mother touched a poisonous snake, so if she did … yada yada yada.

Even though Renee professed a dislike of snakes, and even though she saw through Mercer’s trick, she played along. There was some recoil and a look of utter disgust, but she took the common water snake from wranglers who brought it the festival.

“Son, this is for you,” she said, lifting it like a pro, the snake’s head extending from her hands, its tongue flicking at the camera, “for winning the Bassmasters today.”

Mercer redeemed himself when he assessed Renee’s great sacrifice. “That is a mother’s love,” he said. “My mom would have totally took off.”

Mercer came clean about his artifice to Myers on stage. In explaining, Mercer said he did it because “I’m a jerk.” After hearing his Mom was a trooper, Britt said, “Wow, this is good.”

Someone said that Renee should have slugged Mercer, but she’s a grandmother to Britt’s sons, Britt and Carson, and too much of a southern lady. Maybe Britt could have.

Naw, it made for some interesting TV