Daily Limit: Carl’s pelican karma


Courtesy Carl Jocumsen

Elite angler Carl Jocumsen unwraps discarded fishing line from a pelican he found ailing during the Winyah Bay event.

Carl Jocumsen’s experience on tidal waters in his native Australia might have something to do with his Day 1 lead. Maybe it was risking the run to the Cooper River. Or maybe it’s just karma.

The world could just have been paying Jocumsen back with a 19-pound, 11-ounce bag that leads the Huk Performance Fishing Bassmaster Elite at Winyah Bay presented by GoRVing.

Jocumsen might have nabbed some kismet when he stopped during practice to assist the ailing pelican pictured above. Pelicans are considered a symbol of peace and good luck in cultures around the world, so maybe, just maybe, Jocumsen loaded up on karma points with the rescue.

He described his first day of practice as long and tough, that he didn’t get many bites and he made a run of more than 100 miles up the Cooper River. He posted the following with the photo.

“Saved this Pelican from discarded fishing line when I saw it struggling on the water. Hope someone sees this and decides to pick up their mess next time. Let’s keep our waterways clean!”

Great point. You ever get tangled in someone else’s discarded line? It can be a cumbersome mess. Think how a bird, or most any other animal, would fare if they got ensnared.

Good on Carl. And hey, Down Under, you certainly taught him right, and now you all will be rewarded with at least one more late night.

The Wallabeast will host camera No. 1 on Bassmaster LIVE starting at 7:30 a.m. ET Friday morning, That will be 9:30 p.m. Friday night in Sydney, Australia, which is 14 hours ahead of the U.S. East Coast. That means the Day 2 weigh-in that begins in Georgetown, S.C., at 3:30 p.m. ET Friday will have Aussies awake at 5:30 a.m. Saturday to watch. At least it’s a weekend.

Jocumsen’s fans had fun staying up late when he was on LIVE during last year’s Elite on Lake Guntersville, as we chronicled in Down Under up and at 'em for Jocumsen. We certainly hope you get your fill of Carl and once again leave “stuffed” -- that’s Aussie slang for tired.

Either here, or when you dial up LIVE, be sure to tell us where you’re watching from and any snazzy details. Clue us in if you have any neat stories on Carl. (Could also use some help on my Aussie slang.)


Big fish were at a premium on Day 1 -- a 7-3 and a late 6-9 boosted Jocumsen into the lead. Others with kickers are among the leaders, and some who only caught kickers are still in the hunt.

John Murray and Kelly Jordon only weighed one fish each Thursday, but they were the "right ones." Murray’s 8-9 holds the Big Bass Lead and puts him 42nd, while Jordon’s 8-5 lunker has him 47th. Reigning Classic champ Edwin Evers had an interesting take when he took the weigh-in stage.

“I was just hoping my stringer would beat John and Kelly,” Evers said of their giants.

Evers sure would have liked at least one large. He caught a limit that went 10-2, but that does have him tied for 18th.

David Williams sits at the 50 cut point with 8-2. Brandon Card, the last angler with fish, shows how miniscule the Winyah Bay bass can be. He is 101st with two fish totaling 1-3.

There are eight anglers, including three former Classic champs, who zeroed. Casey Ashley, Luke Clausen and Skeet Reese could still recover and get inside the estimated cut of just over 15 pounds. All they need is to find one of them kickers, oh, and four other healthy bass.