Daily Limit: Best of 2016

Big fish, big comebacks and resurrections were all on the menu in 2016, and the Daily Limit offered its take on much of it.

The 2016 Bassmaster season was incredible almost every step of the way, and a lot of it was reported by B.A.S.S. staff and contributors in “Our favorite moments of 2016.”

So here are the top 10 Daily Limit posts on the season, ranked only by earliest in the year to latest.


Let’s travel back to the first report on the season, when Kevin VanDam was a guest on Mike Iaconelli’s web show, Ike LIVE. Fireworks were anticipated, but KVD said any friction between them from the past has long been left on the water -- he holds nothing but love for the angler who might appear his polar opposite but who in fact has much in common.


When Brent Ehrler and Mark Zona met up at a northern California hotspot for spotted bass, the force was with them and fishing was out of this world.

Each caught personal best spots from Bullards Bar, the biggest non-secret secret lake. The fish were so fat and lethargic that Ehrler, who expected much tougher battles, equated them to Jabba the Hutt.


Mudita means “sympathetic joy,” which is happiness for another’s good fortune. Edwin Evers hadn’t had any joy in his quest for Angler of the Year or a Bassmaster Classic title, except a number of close misses. He owned the title “best to never win a Classic.”

When he rallied with 29 pounds, 3 ounces on the final day to win the Classic on Grand Lake in front of a raucous home-state crowd, Evers elicited tears of joy.