College Fantasy Fishing Challenge update

Okeechobee was a game changer for many teams taking the College Fantasy Fishing Challenge. There was a lot of movement in the leaderboard, but Texas Tech still remains at the top. Texas Tech’s top 3 scores from this past event were 3,825, 3,659 and 3,611 that I contributed for a total of 11,095 points.

LSU had a big week and really knew how to pick them well for Lake Okeechobee and jumped from 4th place into 2nd place with a total of 10,644 points from their top 3 scores of 3,623, 3,530, 3,491. Following LSU is Indiana who fell to from 2nd to 3rd place after Okeechobee with a total of 10,588 points. Clemson University fell from 3rd place to 4th place in the leaderboard with 10,451 points from this past event.

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Rank Name Points
1 Texas Tech University 11,095
2 LSU 10,644
3 Indiana University 10,588
4 Clemson University 10,451
5 Tarleton State University 8,837
6 South Alabama University 5,029
7 Central Missouri University 4,499

Lake Okeechobee put a lot of movement in the leaderboard and the game is close. Each tournament can make the difference and move your team up in the rankings. I will again continue to monitor and update these results for the rest of the season and crown a winner at the end of the season. If your college has a group, edit your group name to say ‘College’ before your group name. Bull Shoals is the next event and just around the corner so remember to set your line-ups and make your picks. Good luck to everyone participating in the College Fantasy Fishing Challenge.

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