College Fantasy Fishing challenge: St. Johns River

Last week the Bassmaster Elite Series pros were on the St. Johns River in Palatka, Fla. Alton Jones came out on top with his first Elite Series victory. Several rookies such as Cliff Prince (16th), Brandon Card (21st) and Jamie Horton (26th) made an impression on the field as they fared well on the river.
When it comes to Fantasy Fishing and the College Fantasy Fishing Challenge, Texas Tech remains at the top of the leaderboard. Tech's top three players picked up 2,584, 2,578 and 2,538 points respectively, for a total of 7,700 points.
Following Tech is Indiana University with 7,236 points. Clemson is third with 7,207 points.
Here are the complete final standings from St. Johns River:

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Rank Name Points
1 Texas Tech University 7,700
2 Indiana University  7,236
3 Clemson University 7,207
4 LSU 7,196
5 Tarleton State University 5,623
6 Central Missouri University 3,204
7 South Alabama University 3,110


I will continue to monitor and update these results after each Elite event. I also want to encourage more schools to get their college group started and join in on the College Fantasy Fishing Challenge. If you haven't created your Fantasy Fishing group, it’s not too late. Just go to and create your group with the name "College:" followed by the name of your school.

If you already have a college group, make sure your group name conforms to that naming convention, so I can find you. I'll add you into the standings based on your top 3 players point totals.

Tight lines,

Jake Szot
Texas Tech University

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