Close call on Lake Athens

Meet Tucker K. Owings, a young angler from Texas. Tucker fished his first Bassmaster Opens event this year at the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Central Open #2 on the Arkansas River. He did fine, in the middle of the pack. But that's not why Tucker has our attention today. Tucker was out on Lake Athens, Texas, this past weekend and captured the amazing video below. It's a great example of why we should always respect weather. 

Tucker told local news station KPHO that in the moments before the lightning struck, "We were literally feeling what I would describe as static on our rods. At that point we quickly started to head to the ramp." That was when the bolt shot through the gloomy sky.

"I am one of the youngest professionals in the fishing industry and just learned a very important lesson," Owings added. "I am thankful God protected us."