Cliff Prince’s 4 go-to fishing combos

When the average Bassmaster Elite Series angler launches in competition, he has more than 25 rod-and-reel combos in his boat — all rigged and ready to go with fresh line, lures and knots. Though he may only use a couple of them that day, he has plenty in reserve in case he needs a spare, or must use a technique other than what he has planned for the day.

The average bass angler travels much, much lighter … and the novice or beginner travels lighter yet. Not everyone has the resources or ability to carry a bunch of specialized rods and reels for every plausible situation he or she might encounter.

Elite pro Cliff Prince is sympathetic and understands how overwhelming it can be to learn the ropes of a sport that has so many different techniques and nuances to learn. Sometimes it seems the barriers to entry are just too much and too discouraging.

Fortunately, he’s got a plan for getting started that will satisfy virtually every bass situation you might encounter anywhere in the country at any time of the year, and it takes just four rods and reels.