Chris Rose, fishing for a reason

By Richard Simms,

Sometimes, you don't have to know someone very long or very well to know their heart. That happened to me last month on the shore of Guntersville Lake.

I was there covering the Bassmaster Classic. Public relations folks had lined up volunteer area bass fishermen with high-performance bass boats to take media members out on the water to shoot photographs of the bass pros in action. I drew Chris Rose.

Initially, we didn't talk a lot. I told Rose I wanted to shoot photos of Edwin Evers, the angler who went into the final tournament day in the lead.

Rose said, "They're a long way off," as he gunned his Ranger to a cruising speed of 68 mph. All I could do was hold on to the sissy strap for dear life as we screamed 30 miles north. Read the full story at