Choose Warmth with Blackfish Gear Soft-Shells

At Blackfish Gear, we say, "you can't choose the weather, but you can choose how to dress for it." This is very true with us being a Minnesota company as we experience all seasons and weather conditions. Therefore, we need gear that we can wear throughout the year that will be warm and comfortable for those cold, windy days that you would rather stay inside but don't because you would not want to miss a day fishing.  For days like those, our favorite garments to wear are from the soft-shell lineup. 

Blackfish soft-shells are constructed from the combination of a premium fleece bonded with a windproof and weather-resistant outer layer. Blackfish soft-shell garments keep heat inside the garment and create a barrier against wind and cold. The result is a soft-shell garment that keeps your core temperature warm while providing exceptional comfort in cold and windy conditions.