Choose Dry with Blackfish Rain Wear

Anglers often don't have an option about staying inside or fishing out in the elements. We say that just because you can't choose the weather doesn't mean that the weather should impact your fishing plans. What you can choose is gear that will keep you dry in the worst weather conditions. We understand that staying dry from the outside is one thing but staying dry from your own sweat is another thing that plays a significant role in your overall comfort. That is why we partnered with patented eVent fabrics in our Aspire and Endure rain suits so then you stay dry all day from the inside and outside. 

The critical difference between eVent technology and traditional waterproof/breathable fabrics is the billions of microscopic pores. These micropores are built into our proprietary membrane that works instantly to vent water vapor (sweat) that builds up inside your apparel when you become active. But these pores are small enough to keep larger water molecules out, providing 100% waterproof protection from the outside.