Chasing the MOY Award

Ryan Wood is among the hopefuls to win this year’s MOY award, as in Marshal of the Year.

It’s a made-up deal, but he’s striving to win it, even if it’s in his own mind. He’s ready to play whatever part he can for his angler in the GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by Diet Mountain Dew and GoPro.

“I’m ready to be quiet if I need to, or entertaining,” he said.

Woods is one of the 56 who signed up to ride in the boat with the Classic competitors Friday through Sunday. Since he registered early, he’s assured of going out all three days.

He got to ride in Wednesday’s practice with Terry Scroggins, and has served as Marshal in three other events.

“Terry, John Crews, Brandon Card, all of them have been super nice,” he said, adding that he’d love to get partnered with local stick Randall Tharp this week. “He’s just had a lot of success here and I think he could be a surprise winner.”

Woods, originally from Hammond, Ala., said he was a bass fishermen but since joining the program he’s been bass crazy.

Marshals riding with the anglers report learning the inside tricks of the trade and some have become good friends with the anglers. Card keeps in touch with Woods, but Woods and other Marshals can’t broach one topic on the water -- fishing.

“It makes it kind of tough,” he said. “You’re out there fishing, but you can’t talk about fishing.”


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