Challenge: Day Three Quotes

“I’ve been waiting on this a long time.”
 – Jonathon VanDam on the possibility of earning his first Elite Series victory on Sunday.

“Today they were just gone.”
– Terry Scroggins on fish leaving his best fishing spot.

“The only boats I see are walleye boats, and whatever else they’re fishing for out there.”
– Brandon Palaniuk

“I picked the wrong guy to follow, Brandon smoked em’.”
– Scott Ashmore on weighing in after tournament leader Brandon Palaniuk.

“Rock piles and lower units don’t do real well together.”
– Brent Chapman after losing his lower unit coming to the weigh-in.

“Those guys are smashing them. Those young guys, huh?
– Aaron Martens

“I don’t have a killer spot, but I have a lot of spots.”
– Aaron Martens

“I hope we come back. In spite of the D.N.R., I hope we come back.”
– Bernie Schultz

“I wish I had Advil as a sponsor, it is tough to walk after yesterday.”
– Bobby Lane commenting on the rough water in Green Bay.