Camp Bass

ALBA, Texas — A special camp supported by the Texas BASS Federation Nation is helping develop future leaders of the fishing industry.

 Camp Bass was started in 2008 by Bryan Bass Club member Danny Gove and his friend, Joe Axton, who died shortly after the first camp was held.

 "Because of his enthusiasm for the camp, we knew it had to continue," said Gove, the former Texas BASS Federation Nation youth director who has kept the camp going. "People from all over the state come to help me do this." Federation Nation members who helped Gove with this year's camp, Aug. 1-5, were Steve Carrell, Eric Emerson and Stan Ott.

 The camp attracted 20 kids the first two years, and with more adult volunteers this year, the camp's ranks increased to 28. Each day, the young anglers were paired with a different guide on Lake Fork. After three days of fishing with guides, the youngsters competed in a team tournament without assistance from the boat captains. The camp ended with a banquet and an awards ceremony.

 "Most of the kids are Junior Bassmasters," said Gove. "We are trying to develop the future leaders of the fishing industry. So we are looking for kids who are already tournament fishermen who have a lot of accomplishments under their belt. We have kids who are state champions and lake record holders and are die-hard avid anglers."

 The camp is open to young anglers from other states, as well. To learn more, contact Gove by phone (979-220-5802) or by e-mail ([email protected]).

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