Best Bass Lakes of 2013: Lake Erie

There’s no telling how many record smallmouth have been caught on Lake Erie, but the lake has been responsible for at least eight for the state of New York, with the current record tipping the scales at 8 pounds, 4 ounces. Erie is also responsible for the current Ohio record smallie, a 9-8 beast caught by Randy VanDam (KVD’s brother and Jonathon’s father).

The sheer size of this Great Lake (9,940 square miles) makes angling pressure a nonissue. If you tire of catching the pesky smallmouth that abound, the largemouth can top 6 pounds and offer a terrific distraction for anglers wanting to stay close to shore. Regardless of the species you target, 20 pounds per day is the mark you need to beat if you want to be in the Top 5 of any tourney here.