Battle on the Bayou Day One quotes

MANY, La. -- Some of the more amusing and interesting things overheard at the Day One weigh-in of the TroKar Battle on the Bayou.

 "Trip you better go home and eat some spinach, you got a lot of lifting to do."

 -- Casey Ashley, the second angler to weigh, to B.A.S.S. Tournament Director Trip Weldon
 "Something really changed today, big time. I really struggled to catch what I had today."

 -- Kevin VanDam
 "When you get around them it's crazy how many of them are there."

 -- Kevin Short
 "You don't want to be the leader after the first day, anyway ... you get the leader-jitters."

 -- Aaron Martens
 "I caught a 13-pounder and 10-pounder the second day of practice."

-- Timmy Horton
 "This is disgraceful on a lake as good as this one."

 -- Greg Hackney after weighing in 13 pounds on Day One
 "I jumped off a big fish in front of Greg Hackney and he laughed at me."

 -- Dennis Tietje
 "Every time I come here good things happen."

 -- Takahiro Omori
 "I'm staying with Tony Chachere this week and between breakfast, lunch and dinner, I've gained 10 pounds this week."

 -- Chris Lane
 "It's Toledo Bend, no matter how good you think you're catching them, somebody's catching them better."

 -- Gerald Swindle