BassGold and B.A.S.S. partner

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Today B.A.S.S. announced a partnership with to bring BassGold's unparalleled fishing pattern service to B.A.S.S. members. is a subscription-based website which has taken 50 years of reported tournament winning pattern information and turned it into searchable data. Anglers can search more than 3,000 (and counting) winning and high-placing tournament patterns – including nearly all B.A.S.S. events from the 1960s up until now – by water body or water type, and see pattern information displayed in ways they've never seen it before.

For the first time, anglers can see pattern information displayed in bar graph form. So they will immediately be able to see, for example, that main lake points, gravel and crankbaits factor in 50%, 30% and 72% of first- through fifth-place finishes on a given lake.

BassGold users can also drill down to see weight averages and pattern details, and are able to upload their own pattern information to benefit from the same tools.

"We're very excited to introduce BassGold to our members," said Jim Sexton, B.A.S.S.'s chief digital officer. "It's a great tool for bass anglers now -- very beneficial, fun and a huge timesaver -- and will be even more so moving forward. It's great for our web visitors  who enjoy Fantasy Fishing as well."

"The first time I saw BassGold I knew it was something we had to be a part of," said B.A.S.S. owner Jerry McKinnis. "It's just a tremendous tool that all anglers will benefit from, and how it will evolve is really incredible. We're going to make sure all B.A.S.S. members understand what it can do for their fishing." He added, "I've known Jay for a long time now and I'm glad we're finally working together."

"B.A.S.S. and BassGold are a natural fit for many reasons," said BassGold founder Jay Kumar, who also created "A big one is that B.A.S.S. is light years ahead of everyone else in the outdoors in digital media - what you're seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm psyched to be part of the B.A.S.S. family again, and look forward to helping B.A.S.S. and B.A.S.S. members benefit from unique digital tools."

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