B.A.S.S. Federation Nation staff

Jon Stewart, Manager Federation Nation tournaments
Jon manages the six BASS Federation Nation Divisionals as well as the BASS Federation Nation Championship through which six Federation Nation anglers qualify for the prestigious Bassmaster Classic. Jon works directly with 47 state and provincial Federation Nations and 6 foreign BASS Federation Nations on many different subjects such as the hosting of the divisionals, the BFNC and providing volunteers for the Bassmaster Classic.

He understands the plights of the grassroots angler and working man, as before coming to work for BASS in 2003 he was a delivery associate for Sysco Foods of Kansas City and the President of the Kansas BASS Chapter Federation Nation. He joined the Salina Bassmasters, Salina, Kan., in 1987 and held every position on the KBCFN board of directors before becoming president.

He prides himself on being a "by the book" but fair tournament manager. You can reach Jon anytime at jon.m.stewart@bassmaster.com. Chris Horton, Conservation Director
As the Conservation Director, Chris' primary responsibility is to work directly with the Federations on local, state, and regional conservation issues that impact sportfishing. Chris helps the Federations develop a strong voice on natural resource policy decisions, as well as identify problem areas that need attention within each state. In addition, Chris represents BASS and its members on various scientific committees and actively participates in the American Fisheries Society. Any BASS member, chapter or Federation can reach Chris for counsel or advice at christopher.m.horton@bassmaster.com.