B.A.S.S. Facebook fans thankful for family

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Fans of bass fishing generally also are fans of being on the water with family. So it follows that when B.A.S.S. asked its fans on Facebook whom they’re most thankful for, family was the most repeated answer:

“Thankful for my dad who got me in to bass fishing.” (A.J. Ison)

“My friends and family.” (Levi Sarver)

“I’m thankful that both of my kids can and do fish with me.” (Marshall Hall)

“Jesus Christ and my family.” (Amy-Brian Byrd)

“I’m thankful that God brought my girlfriend, Dawn, into my life. No more fishing alone.” (Carol Kross Smith)

“Thank God for giving me health to share with my dear family and friends.” (Jose Luis Garrastazu from Puerto Rico, translated from Spanish)

“I’m thankful for God and my wife and kids and our troops, so we can all fish with freedom.” (Robert McNeill)

Some fans took it even further. LeAnn Sellers, for instance, is happy for everything she has. “I am thankful for everything in my life, all the good and all the bad. I am blessed with a loving family. Even with all the bad, it could always be worse. It makes me appreciate all the good things I have so much more.”

And some kept it strictly fishing. Larry Slaughter, for instance, is really thankful for Ed Chambers, founder of Zoom Bait Co. And Mark Bilbrey is thankful for Jack Huddleston on Dale Hollow. “It was Jack, my father and the tales and legends of the lake that first captured my love of fishing,” said Bilbrey.

One of the most touching was a photo and comment from Jeff TerMolen. The photo showed a car crushed from the impact of a very bad accident. “I’m thankful that my wife, daughter and mother-in-law are alive,” said TerMolen. “And for all the engineers who built a great vehicle, and all the doctors who have done a great job helping them heal.”

Take TerMolen’s advice and appreciate what you’ve got. Cherish every moment.

And like most of the other B.A.S.S. Facebook fans, enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family! See their cherished family photos here.

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