Ashmore signs with Blue Water LED

TULSA, Okla. — Competing with the world’s best anglers on the Bassmaster Elite Series for several years now, Scott Ashmore takes his full-time career seriously. To compete at this level requires an enormous level of commitment and dedication — and the best equipment available.

While Ashmore has been known in recent years as having one of the sharpest and most functional boats on tour, this was not merely by chance. Realizing the advantages of a high-performance LED lighting system, Ashmore turned to the industry leader Blue Water LED, and a relationship was formed, which led to a title endorsement for 2014.

“I’m very proud to be a part of Blue Water,” said Ashmore. “The products are designed by fishermen, for fishermen. The Deck Lighting Systems are fully controllable so I have the perfect level of lighting, and the way they light my compartments is incredible! Perfect lighting without being blinded. The trailer lighting makes it easier and safer to load and unload, and I’ll admit, adds some bling while highlighting my sponsors!

“Most importantly,” Ashmore added, “they stand behind their product and their customers with a lifetime warranty. How many companies do that nowadays?”

“Scott’s passion for the product and commitment to the sport make him a great addition to the Blue Water Team,” stated Jeff Hillard, co-owner of Blue Water. “Scott’s very focused and has strong Christian faith and family values. He’s a great asset to our team.”

“We’re on a mission to increase the safety and performance of every angler out there,” Ashmore said, “and we have a lot of guys jumping on board with us. Some of the best in the business are running Blue Water, including Randy Howell, Brent Chapman, Aaron Martens, Fred Roumbanis, Shaw Grigsby and Jared Miller, and many more have joined the team!”