Apply now for a youth conservation grant

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Is your club or state chapter planning a project that involves young anglers as well as conservation of the resource?

If so, you should apply for a grant with the new Shimano/B.A.S.S. Youth Conservation Initiative.

“Through Shimano’s incredible generosity and commitment to conservation and youth, we will be able to provide one grant per B.A.S.S. Nation division, if we get suitable applicants,” said Gene Gilliland, B.A.S.S. conservation director. “Funding levels may be from $500 to several thousand dollars.”

The grant program, unveiled at the 2014 Conservation Summit in February, is designed to focus on involving young B.A.S.S. members and B.A.S.S.-affiliated clubs in projects to conserve and restore fisheries habitat and other aquatic resources.

Projects will be selected based on their strategic contribution to conserving and improving fish habitat, with emphasis given to how young anglers will be directly involved.

“Proposals that show the best integration of B.A.S.S. youth members, partnering with other organizations or agencies and leveraging matching funds or donated materials will receive the highest consideration,” explained Gilliland.

States and clubs have no limit of the number of proposals they can submit.

“The Shimano/B.A.S.S. Youth Conservation Initiative is based on our common love of fishing and our dedication to sharing our proud heritage with future generations of anglers,” Gilliland continued.

To apply, fill out and submit this application by April 30. E-mail a PDF version of the signed application to Alternatively, you can mail your materials to: Gene Gilliland, B.A.S.S. Conservation Director, 409 Winston Drive, Norman, OK 73072. Just be sure your application is received by April 30, not postmarked.

Keep the following basic principles in mind when completing an application:

  • The project should make a significant contribution to the establishment, maintenance, restoration or protection of fish habitat.
  • The project must involve young anglers directly and in such a way as to teach by example the importance of resource stewardship and the leadership role that anglers play as conservationists.
  • The project must have the endorsement of the local fisheries management agency and work to accomplish goals of mutual benefit.
  • The project must be an important action to ensure sustainability of habitat features or ecosystem functions over the long term and should have an evaluation component to determine success.
  • Where possible, the project should be linked to existing landscape-level conservation or stewardship efforts or other habitat enhancement projects.
  • Working with partners is strongly encouraged. Obtaining significant matching funds and/or donations of materials and/or in-kind services will increase chances of receiving a grant award.
  • The project must demonstrate a good investment for Shimano and B.A.S.S. (e.g., in terms of feasibility, accountability and financial leverage).

If you have questions, contact Gilliland at

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