Album to help fishing advocacy

OKLAHOMA CITY — A Federation Nation member has combined his passion for fishing with his musical talent to support an eco-friendly nonprofit organization.

Singer and songwriter Randy Joe Heavin has compiled an album featuring 12 artists who have written songs about fishing. The collection, Songs from the Tackle Box, was created to benefit Recycled Fish, a fishing advocacy group founded by Teeg Stouffer. Heavin, a member of the North Oklahoma City Bassmasters and Mid-Oklahoma Bassmasters, wrote and performed two of the songs on the CD.

“I figured I could get a little exposure for some of my music and help Teeg out and Teeg could help me out,” said Heavin, who has dedicated 50 percent of the CD sales to Recycled Fish.

Heavin noted sales for the CD have reached the break-even point. “Any sales we get now we will start making money and can contribute,” he said.

After 21 years in the Air Force, Heavin retired to pursue a career in music.  The avid tournament angler founded his own record label, Patriot Records, in 2005, and one of his songs on the benefit album, "I Wanna Go Fishing," has received 75,000 hits on YouTube.

You can order a hard copy of the CD or download the album on iTunes. Below is a video about the album.

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