2011 Elite Series Pride of Georgia Day One quotable

LAGRANGE, Ga. -- Expected to be a difficult fishery judging from comments after practice, Day One of the Pride of Georgia turned into a slugfest for some. For others, it was difficult, as evidenced by the comments here.

“Never believe an Elite Series guy; they’re always lying to you.”

-- Body Duckett

"There's a lot to be said about momentum."

-- David Walker

“I sure wasn’t expecting 21 pounds, but I’ll take it.”

-- David Walker

“I thought 8 pounds a day would get a check, after practice, but that’s not even going to be close.”

-- Terry Scroggins

“They don’t do exactly the way I want them to do on this lake.”

-- Mark Davis

“You’re the world’s first professional angler that tells the truth.”

– B.A.S.S. emcee to Dustin Wilks

“I ran into a buzz saw in the weigh-in line today. I’m gonna have to put on my big-girl panties tomorrow.”

-- Gerald Swindle

“I spent most of the day fishing on my back, because every time I stood up I got dizzy. I have the flu or something.”

-- Aaron Martens

“It’s a big rotation out there on a lot of places.”

-- Skeet Reese

“The biggest fish I had in that bag was smaller than the swimbait Steve Kennedy is throwing.”

-- Mike Iaconelli

“If you want to know what lives in your pond, just turn these boys lose.”

-- Stephen Browning