Spending $150 on crappie lures nets Scroggins $10,000 at Cherokee


Alan McGuckin

As the first event of a brand new Bassmaster Elite Series season began, it was no secret that the favored lure of choice by top local anglers for Cherokee Lake’s finicky smallmouth was a 3-inch Damiki Armor Shad rigged on a lead “Erie” head.

“People use the Damiki Shad because it has almost no action, and those fish at Cherokee are so lure shy, they seem to like that subtle presentation,” says Terry Scroggins. “But they weren’t liking it for me, so my roommate Britt Myers and I had to call an audible after Day 1 of practice.”

The struggle forced Myers and Scroggins to lean on a lesson straight out of Bass Fishing 101 – when you can’t get a bite using a lure you think they should eat – try downsizing.

“I started thinking about lures that were even smaller than a 3-inch Damiki, and the next thing you know, I’ve spent $150 in the crappie fishing section at the Kodak Bass Pro Shops,” grins Scroggins.

“I had everything in my bag from tiny little 1/8 ounce marabou jigs to curly tail grubs, and all shapes and weights of jig heads,” says Scroggins.