It's good to be Duckett

It's just fishing right? How much money could really be involved? Boyd Duckett has recently brought it to everyone's attention that this is not your grandpa's fishing. In fact, with the rate the sport has grown over the past three years, this isn't your dad's or even your older brother's fishing — we are in a new era.

 Here are Duckett's 2007 stats:
 Wins: 2

 Top 10s: 6

 Top 50s: 10

 Total winnings: $836,500 (give him a fiscal year and that number is closer to $850,000)

 Here are a few other numbers for the sake of chewing:

 • Average NFL salary in 2006: $1.4 million

 • Average NHL salary in the '06 – '07 season: $1.7 million*

 • Average MLB salary on opening day 2006: $2.87 million

 With that much money, Duckett would be …

 • 93rd out of 200 pros on the PGA Tour money list

 • No. 1 by $600,000-plus on the PBA Tour (bowling) tour in the last year

 • 9th on the Women's Tennis Tour

 • 9th on the Men's Tennis tour

 • Making more than the player with the median salary on these ten MLB teams: Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres, Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, Washington Nationals, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Pittsburgh Pirates, Arizona Diamondbacks and Florida Marlins

 * Estimated