Daily Limit: Duck, duck, juice


Mike Suchan
Having caught a bass that had eaten a duck, Steve Kennedy was keen on getting Savage Gear's 3D Suicide Duck hard bait.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck … then it might get eaten by a bass.

Mike Bennett and the Savage Gear team are counting on it. Their 3D Suicide Duck that won ICAST Best of Show in the Hard Bait category drew crowds to their booth Thursday. Having caught a fish with an actual duck in its craw, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Steve Kennedy was super curious about the duck bait,

Kennedy strolled up to Savage Gear’s test tank after seeing the lure in the New Product Showcase. He hadn’t even realized it won an award, so count him in as a believer in the duckling pattern.

“I had a duck, probably a little bit bigger than that lure, hanging out of the throat of the biggest bass I caught in a PAA tournament on Old Hickory,” Kennedy said. “Since everybody knows I did that because I posted about it so much, anytime anything about a bass eating a duck comes up I get tweeted.”

There are a number of videos of the little feathered friends becoming meals.

Savage Gear’s offering mimics that hope for anglers. Its lure has a treble hook on the chest and one on the back that’s clipped to the body to promise a good hookup rate. The belly hook can be removed in snaggy conditions -- the lure bobs up on its belly after a cast.

Kennedy pulled one through the tank at Savage Gear’s booth, discovering the spinning feet leave an enticing trail. Kennedy called it a duck with “Whopper Plopper” feet. Attach the line to an eye on its chest and the lure runs higher like a more panicked bird.

It’s not all that strange after Aaron Martens exposed his blackbird pattern during his Elite win on Lake Havasu. Kennedy said you probably would want to catch a bass big enough to take on a duck dinner.

Kennedy said his well-documented duck-eating bass, a 5-plus pounder that won the tournament, as well as all the correspondence that followed of others with duck-bass encounters, made him realize it is a thing. (He has even been sent little rubber duckies rigged with hooks.)

He came to the booth wanting one of the 3D Suicide Ducks, and Bennett at first said he was running too low. Two fans quickly advised Bennett if he had one to give out, it would be wise to give it to Kennedy, who could very well create a trend. So he did.

Kennedy got Bennett’s contact info in case he wanted to make a significant purchase, which he’s known to do with the latest lure craze.

Bennett’s just pretty happy Savage Gear is making some waves in the fishing industry, which comes by making good lures.

“That’s three in a row,” Bennett said of Best of Show awards. “In 2014, we won with our 3D Crab, (Soft Lure) and last year we won with our Hard Shrimp.”

And the third? Yep, it’s a duck.