My goals for the 2016 season


Shaye Baker
Gerald Swindle (7th, 46-7)

Goals are a huge part of being a successful professional angler. Setting goals and achieving them is something we as pros all strive for.

Personally, I set goals and “focus points” that I work on during a season. To me, goals are big objectives while focus points are smaller steps that can help you reach a goal. For instance, a goal might be to win an Elite Series event, the Bassmaster Classic or an Angler of the Year title. But a focus point might be something as simple as changing hooks or line more frequently so I can get the extra couple of fish in the boat to reach one of those goals.

2016 is going to be big year for me in terms of zeroing in on my focus points and therefore achieving my goals. So, I would like to share some of these career intentions with you.

First of all, a goal of mine this year is to have the absolute best lures I can get my hands on. So my focus point to achieve this is to randomly borrow lures from KVD at every derby.

Second of all, it is my goal to talk Tommy Biffle into wearing longer shorts. It’s time Tommy…it’s time, brother.

Since we’re on the topic of fashion, I have a couple of more fashion goals I want to achieve this year. I’m committed to putting a perfect bend in all of Fletcher Shryock’s flat bills while he is sleeping. Now I realize this could disrupt Fletch’s frame of reference just a bit. He might actually see the sky for the first time. Kind of like the WIDE setting on a GoPro – it will be a whole new world to him.

Speaking of the Shryocks, it’s also my goal to be in at least three of Hunter’s videos this year. His videos get more views in three days than Niagara Falls gets in a whole year. Hey, I’m not bashful when it comes to getting some airtime!

Also, I’m going set out to find Ike an eyeglass sponsor. They’re not all giants Ike, trust me, they’re not.

Sometimes becoming a better angler is not about obtaining something, but rather avoiding something that can be a deterrent to your well-being.

For instance, I’m trying to avoid sugar. Too much sugar makes me a right bit nervous. Diet Dew is all I need.

Also, and this is more of a focus point, if I hit the Mexican place for dinner the night before the derby, I’ll be sure to have at least three Dude Wipes in my pocket the next day.

Speaking of which, I’m going to avoid the Whopper Plopper. The name alone makes me want to hunt a Porta-Potty.

Finally, I’m going to avoid coots. After all, I think we can all agree, COOT LIVES MATTER! So if I see a pack a coots between me and my fishing area, I’m going to politely turn around and go fish back near the ramp for the rest of the day. Peace.

Ahhh, so many goals, so little time…

I’m going to start using hair product like Skeet. Except I’m going to use a WHOLE lot more of it. Watch out Pipkens…I’m gunning for you, son.

Also, I’ve just about had enough of being one-upped by Brandon Palaniuk.

Hey, BP, I’ve got a signature series swimbait coming out this year that’s 36-inches long. It mimics a baby sturgeon. You want some of that? In addition, I’m going to count every single one of your LED’s and then add just one more on my truck. You’ll never know it, but at the end of the day, I’ll know I beat you somehow!

Fair warning, one of my focus points is to do a mic drop on Mercer this year.

Finally, last goal, once, just once, I want to win a day of practice this year!

Goals folks. It’s all about the goals…