Z-Man’s strong Flappin’ CrawZ

What is it?

Z-Man’s Flappin’ CrawZ

What does it do?

Thanks to their shape, the Flappin’ CrawZ are ideal for a couple things. The flappy appendages make for a good jig trailer (swimming, pitching or even football heads) while the slim profile lends itself well to flipping heavy cover, be it wood or grass. However you use them ,they’ll last and last thanks to the Elaztech construction.

Why do I need it?

To ride on a jig or slide through thick grass mats while not using oodles of baits.

How do I use it?

Like previously mentioned, just slide it up the shank of a jig and watch the claws flap on retrieve, or send it plummeting through some thick grass to get smashed by an unaware largemouth.

What sets it apart?

The most notable thing is the material they’re made from. The plastic has no plastisol in it, which is what most all other plastic baits are constructed with this material is difficult to tear by hand, meaning bass will have an even tougher time ripping it off your bait. The 4-inch length is good for a variety of applications.

How much?

$4.89 for an 8-pack.

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