Yum Craw Chunk

What is it?

Yum’s new Craw Chunk, a crawdaddy-looking trailer for jigs of all types.

What does it do?

It adds action and bulk to jigs, spinnerbaits and even bladed jigs like a ChatterBait.

Why do I need it?

To make your jigs and moving baits more realistic, be it because of the flapping action on a swim jig, or giving pincers to a football or flipping jig. Plus, as the water cools, bass may be looking to hang out near rocky structure more, where crawfish are more prevalent, meaning their diet may shift to crustaceans rather than baitfish.

How do I use it?

Simple thread it on the hook with the pincers facing backward. Or you can impale it right through the tip of the chunk, making it hang back farther.

What sets it apart?

The claws are oversized yet thin, which makes them flail and undulate when subtle movement is imparted. The heavy ribbing on the ends of the claws keep them in constant motion and add bulk for durability. Plus, each Craw Chunk is infused with Yum's F2 attractant.

How much?


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