Real Gill Xcs a silent stalker

What is it?

 XCalibur’s new Real Gill Xcs Square Lip crankbaits.

What does it do?

Like many new square bills, these are silent, meaning they have no internal rattles. However, as you pull it through the water, hooks clang off of the body and the rolling of the bait’s body will attract plenty of attention.

Why do I need it?

Square-billed crankbaits are handy for probing shallow cover such as stumps, rocks and even grass edges. Their wide rolling action is ideal for stained to muddy water, as it creates a large disturbance in the water.

How do I use it?

Like you would any square bill; toss and retrieve, perhaps pausing occasionally. If it gets hung, stop and let it back itself out of trouble. The silent nature of these baits make them good for clear water as well as stained.

What sets it apart?

The selling point of the Real Gill Xcs crankbait is the finish. The three schemes are touted as some of the most realistic bream finishes available in a crankbait. Three sizes are available, a 2-inch (Xcs100), a 2 3/4-inch (Xcs200) and a big 3-inch (Xcs300) model.

How much?

Xcalibur lists the Real Gill Xcs at $6.99.

More information:; 479-782-8971

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