Wild River’s Nomad tackle backpack

What is it?

Wild River’s Nomad tackle backpack

What does it do?

Holds all your gear whether you’re beating the bank on foot or from a boat.

Why do I need it?

Like all of us, you know you take waaaaay too much stuff when you head to the lake, and this tacklebag makes carrying your ample load easy.

How do I use it?

Fill ‘er up, and head to the pond!

What sets it apart?

The ingenious nooks and crannies are what make this thing cool. The top bit protects your shades from being crushed, the biggest part holds six Plano 3600-series and four 3500-series trays. Also, a large upper storage area has a removable divider which converts to a full-size backpack for holding large items. And it has an integrated LED light system that allows you to see into the bag or your work area when natural light gets scarce.

How much does it cost?


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