Whiskey River Whiptail

What is it?

Whiskey River’s drop shot special, the 6-inch Whiptail.

What does it do?

It handles finesse fishing duties with aplomb.

Why do I need it?

To show the fish a different drop shot or shaky head worm.

How do I use it?

The thick forward part of the Whiptail is ideal for nose hooking on a drop shot worm, or threading or screwing on a shaky jighead.

What sets it apart?

Most noticeably, the thicker, ribbed portion of the bait is great for handling a hook, while the tapering thin tail portion is all about action. This thread-like terminus is guaranteed to twitch and whip when the slightest action is imparted. Also, the bottom of the Whiptail is flat, like a hand-poured worm.

How much?

$3.19 per 10 pack.

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