Whip 'Em Firetiger spinnerbait

What is it?

Whip ‘Em Baits’ Firetiger spinnerbait.

What does it do?

It’s a spinnerbait, but in a color that’s typically reserved for crankbaits; firetiger.

Why do I need it?

‘Cause you know you’ve caught fish on a firetiger crankbait and caught fish one a spinnerbait, so why not on a firetiger spinnerbait?

How do I use it?

Like a regular spinnerbait: cast it toward a likely shallow target such as a stump, alongside a dock or over top a brushpile, then retrieve it. In heavier models, you can chunk it out over deep structure and slowly creep it back to the boat as it scoots along the bottom. This works well in cold, clear reservoirs. Or, you can take a lighter model and burn it back to the boat. This is good when the shad are spawning in the spring .For a color like firetiger, however, your best bet might be to wait until the bass are spawning then burn this over spawning flats; bass hate bream lurking about when they’re on beds.

What sets it apart?

The firetiger skirt, of course. The whiptail blade is also a sight departure from the average spinnerbait hardware. Gold, silver, serrated diamond and silver ripple blades are all available in sizes from 1/4- to 1-ounce. Other skirt colors are available as well.

How much?


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