What is it?

A jig with a ring attached which will hold a soft plastic stickbait or Senko style of lure in a wacky rigged configuration.

What does it do?

According to the manufacturer it will permit anglers to make repeated casts without tearing the bait off the hook and, because it has a weedless hook, it’ll allow anglers to flip and pitch wacky rigged baits into heavy cover without hanging.

Why do I need it?

It will save you money by allowing you to use plastic baits longer and it’ll show heavily pressured bass something different.

How do I use it?

Use it any place you would use a standard jig, a wacky rigged bait or flip and pitch a creature bait.

What sets it apart?

It has a ring molded to the jig which holds the soft plastic stickbait or Senko style lure in place without damaging the bait on the cast or on the hookset.

How much does it cost?

It’s offered in 15 different combinations: $6.49 for a three-pack of painted heads or $5.99 for a three-pack of unpainted heads.

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