Uber Shad's tail imparts extra action

What is it?

Xcite Baits Uber Shad.

What does it do?

All sorts of shad-like things. Toss it on a weighed hook and watch it dart and shimmy as it falls, Carolina rig it and its tail will wag wildly, or you can twitch it weightless and see it get hammered. On the fall, the worm-like tail writhes and turns like your favorite curl-tail worm.

Why do I need it?

Soft jerkbaits are good in the fall in grassy areas where the bass are gorging on shad. It’s hard to find bait that’s as weedless and shad-looking as a soft jerkbait.

How do I use it?

Twitch it, drag it, swim it or skip it, you can’t go wrong with soft jerkbaits.

What sets it apart?

The most obvious thing is the tail. Take your favorite soft jerkbait and favorite U-tail worm, splice them together and you’ve got the Uber Shad. Like many Xcite baits, it’s got a bulb on the end of the tail that gives it a little extra action.

How much?

A pack of Uber Shads will run you $4.99.

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