Taylor Man’s Hawg Seeker jig

What is it?

Taylor Man’s Hawg Seeker jig.

What does it do?

It swims, flips and wrassles hawgs out of thick cover.

Why do I need it?

To nab that kicker fish that lives in the thick stuff. These things are the Rolls Royce of flipping jigs.

How do I use it?

The head is minnow-shaped, allowing this jig to be pitched into grass or cover then swam out.

What sets it apart?

The business end of this jig is cast with an extra-heavy Gamakatsu hook, then topped with a stout – but supple – weedguard. The head is primed witsh a special high-tech coating that etches into the lead, which makes for a crack-resistant barrier. Paint is then bonded to the surface for a super-durable finish. The skirt is a combination of silicone and living rubber, so the Hawg Seeker has an equal degree of realism whether swimming or at rest. The jigs are then finished off with double shot shell rattles. Four weights, three head colors and nine skirt colors are available, so y oucan accurately match the forage in your lake.

How much?

You’re looking at $4.79 per jig.

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