St. Croix is all the 'Rage'

What is it?

St. Croix’s new Rage series of rods.

What does it do?

They combine fancy new blanks with cool handles to create some of the most functional micro-guided rods to date.

Why do I need it?

St. Croix claims that the Rage series incorporates the latest, high-tech components with advanced blank design to make a rod that should dominate its price-point category. Plus, weight savings was put at a premium when designing the Rage series. The Pac Bay Minima stainless-steel micro guides and Minima reel seats are the most evident weight-saving features. Less obvious are the lightweight fibers used to craft the Rage.

How do I use it?

Pick one (or six) of the 12 casting or 5 spinning models and get to work!

What sets it apart?

The thing that really sets these rods apart is the fact that they’re designed and produced right here in North America - something few rod manufacturers can claim. Plus, they’re super-light, sensitive and affordably-priced. More to the design point, the guides are micro guides - except the stripper guide. St. Croix says that making the first (stripper) guide micro-sized cuts back on casting distance by creating unnecessary drag on the line. In other words, micro guides are too small to be effective stripper guides, so St. Croix put a larger guide in the stripper position.

How much?

The range here is from $150 to $170.

For more information:; 1-800-826-7042

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