Spro Fat Baby John 50

What is it?

Spro’s newest crankbait, the Fat Baby John 50.

What does it do?

Tears through shallow water, across laydowns and around stumps seeking out bass.

How do I use it?

Like you would any small shallow-running crankbait, in and around shallow cover. This one’s light, at 3/8-ounce, so light line and a limber, medium action rod are best for tossing it.

What sets it apart?

This diminutive crankbait is designed to run from just under the surface to two feet deep. It’s got a built-in hunting action thanks to its wide bill that makes it dart from side-to-side on retrieve. It’s also silent, which makes it deadly in clear water or in high-pressure situations. As with all Spro baits, the hooks are super strong and sharp Gamakatsu.

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